Trucking Insurance

Trucking insurance allows you to protect every aspect of your business so you can focus on the haul. We’ve got coverage to meet your needs, whether you operate one truck or own an entire fleet.

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Trucking and Towing Insurance

In today’s litigious society, operating a business comes with it’s own risks that have nothing to do with the road. Protect yourself from the day-to-day risks of operating a commercial trucking business with general liability coverage.

General Liability

Operating a trucking business can bring as much risk as operating a truck on a hazardous road. General liability insurance protects your business from the risks you face as a business owner, such as lawsuits or claims for third-party injuries or property damage.

If someone is injured on your business premise, by using your product or service, or because of a breach of contract, general liability coverage has you covered. General liability coverage fills in the gaps for your trucking insurance, protecting you from incidents that can occur outside of vehicle operations.

Primary Trucking Liability

If you own or operate a truck, then you’ll need primary trucking liability. This essential coverage should be at the core of your trucking insurance protection, combining the protection of property damage liability with bodily injury liability to protect you in the event damage is done by your truck or vehicle. . In most cases, primary trucking liability is required by law.

Accidents happen, even to the most seasoned trucking professionals. Hospital and medical bills, vehicle repairs, and court costs can add up fast after an accident. If you’re at fault for an accident that results in injury to another person or damage to another’s property, primary trucking liability makes sure you’re covered.

Primary trucking liability and general liability coverage aren’t the same thing, and it’s important to understand the difference to your trucking business. General liability covers your business against lawsuits from damages or injuries caused by your day-to-day operations. Primary trucking liability covers damages or injuries caused directly by your truck.

Comprehensive Physical Damage and Collision

Protect your vehicle against physical damage caused by collisions or other mishaps that can happen on the road. Other trucking insurance coverages, such as primary trucking liability, are in place to cover damages to other people’s property in the event of an accident. Physical damage offers the coverage you need to ensure your property is covered against damage -- no matter who’s at fault.

Motor Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance protects For-hire truckers and the cargo they carry in the event of damaged or lost freight. It can help you survive the aftermath of an event that leads to the damage or loss of your customer’s goods.

If your business hauls personal items, like a residential furniture moving company, motor truck cargo coverage is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Whether it’s required for your business or not, protecting yourself against the costs of lost or damaged freight is just good business.

Motor truck cargo coverage is flexible; choose a policy with a maximum load limit per vehicle that suits your business needs and add additional coverage to meet your trucking business risk exposures.

At Davis & Madden Insurance Agency, Inc. we have access to all the insurance companies that will insure big trucking operations of any size fleet your business utilizes. Whether you haul personal goods for residential customers such as a furniture moving company, or you haul and transport gasoline and other petrochemical products, we are able to quote and insure your operation with all the big trucking insurance carriers.

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